The Law Firm

The law firm was founded in Catania on August 5th 1947, day in which Mr. Pietro Lipera was admitted in the Catania Bar Association.

Since 1974, his son Giuseppe, actual owner of the firm, has worked there as a very young legal apprentice. He has enriched the firm with capable lawyers and attorneys under his supervision (“Togae assistants” which later become appointed as substitutes of the Attorney once admitted in the Catania Bar Association), counselling pre-eminently in criminal defence.

Mr. Giuseppe Lipera has been admitted in the Catania and the Rome Bar Association since 1997 which enables to practice in higher level and degrees of legal proceedings.

The main legal office is based in Catania. Mr. Lipera however, moved by the enthusiasm of the young legal apprentices, in 2004 opened an operational office in Rome near the Supreme Court district which also became a main objective as a reference for Italian and European colleagues needing assistance before the Italian court of justice at all levels and degrees in any legal proceedings.