Law Office Lawyer Giuseppe Lipera Catania Forum.


Via Pasubio, 18, 95127 Catania CT


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We serve the justice since 1947.

The Lawyer is the only bulwark to defend the citizen and the human being.


Law Office Lawyer Giuseppe Lipera of Catania Forum.


Come to discover the Studio, the professionals of which is composed, our history and the various services that are offered.

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"The name itself of lawyer sounds like scream for help.

Advocatus, vocatus ad, called to rescue. Even the medic is called to rescue, but only to the lawyer is given that name. That means that between the performance of the medic and the one of the lawyer there is a difference, that, not felt by the right, is however, uncover by the exquisite perception of the language.

Lawyer is the one who is asked to,first of all, the essential form of help, that is, properly, the friendship."

Francesco Carnelutti

"The miseries of the criminal trial"

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